Want to Play a Noontime Concert and Tour the State Capital?!?

For many years schools in Ohio have sent music groups to perform at the Rhodes State Office Tower in downtown Columbus across from the Capital. The performance season for this opportunity runs between April 11th – May 25th.

Any group of musicians may participate from elementary age to college. Two groups share the 11:30-1:00 time.

Some ensembles perform 20 minutes while others may choose to play the entire time. Many groups also tour the State Capitol, but tours need to be scheduled soon!

All groups are provided an electric piano, 4 sets of 3-step risers, and chairs.

Scheduling for the performances can be done by contacting Ron Kenreich at kenreich70@gmail.com or 614-882-9119.

Groups are usually scheduled within 24 hours.

Please include in your e-mail:

– School/group name

– Number of performers

– Length of performance

– Date(s) requested

– Contact information

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity! Call or email Ron today!


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