Turning STEM into STEAM!

Welcome back to school everyone. By the time you read this the “Hello Song” has been taught, and the first halftime show has been performed. I hope everyone has been refreshed and ready to infuse their students with great music.

As Advocacy Chair, I will continue to look for articles to share that will help you in your school districts answer the question: Why Music? I found several during the summer, and the one I’ve selected for September deals with the notion of turning STEM into STEAM (adding the Arts to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).


As Anna Feldman points out, an argument has been made that including the Arts would take valuable time and focus away from the “hard sciences” and STEM education.

However, she counters with several points: “This is not about cultivating more artists or diluting STEM—it’s about
creating STEM students who think creatively and remain engaged in their learning.”

1) The Arts can bring imagination and creativity into the STEM projects.

2) Including the Arts can be a vehicle to attract potential contributors in STEM fields who are initially turned of by STEM subjects.

“STEAM says we can be better engineers by learning how to think artistically, and we can re-engage artists with science by letting them see how STEM can work in the arts.”

Click here to read the article!


Jim Dowdy, OMEA Music Education Advocacy Chair

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