AE Update from Your New OMEA AE Chair, JD Latorre!

New Faces on AE – Welcome to Chris Carmean as Junior High Affairs, Katherine McIntosh as Band Affairs, and Dara Gillis as Creative Events Chair. I would also like to thank Scott Eversdyke for his outstanding leadership over the last two years as AE Chair!

Online Registration – Once again all events will be utilizing an online registration process. Please note that all registration deadlines will be enforced. Late entries will NOT be accepted.

Marching Band Copyright Registration (NEW!!) – All directors participating in any OMEA MB events are reminded of the September 25th deadline to complete Copyright Registration. Contact MB Affairs Chair Jay Wardeska if you have any questions.


Solo and Ensemble 2016 – We will have updated lists for Brass, Percussion, and String solos in 2016. The (updated) string list will be back on the portal in a few weeks. Guitar goes statewide for HS S&E in 2016!

AES (Adjudicator Evaulation System) – After a “beta test” with the 2015 Large Group events, the AES will replace the old DROAs for all OMEA events, starting with MB events this fall. Adjudicators who judged 2015 LG events: you should have received a link to view your evaluations from last Winter/Spring.

Large Group Required Lists – The 2016 Large Group lists are on the portal. If the lists seem bigger than normal, remember that in 2014 the AE Committee voted to expand the high school band and choir required lists from 12 to 18 pieces in each class. There will be twelve “new and returning” pieces along with six pieces of “standard repertoire” that will stay on the list for much longer periods of time.

Change of District/Region Dates

  1. 1/1/15 – High School Orchestras change of region
  2. 1/1/15 – High School Bands and Choirs change of district
  3. 3/1/15 – Middle School/Junior High change of district

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