JD Latorre’s Suggestions on How to Make the Adjudicated Event Schedule Fit Your Needs

Last winter a meeting was held between members of the Adjudicated Events Committee and the Trustees to look at the AE calendar in the context of the challenges imposed by increased testing and other outside pressures that create problems for Districts and OMEA members. There is no way to address every instance of potential conflict, but there are MANY avenues built into our calendar that provide the opportunity to reduce conflicts if members and OMEA Districts PLAN AHEAD.

  1. The calendar will never begin before January 20. That will provide:
  •    4 weekends for HS S&E and Conference
  •    2 weekends for State Orchestra
  •    2 weekends for HS B&C LG
  •    5 weekends for 2 JH S&E’s, 2 JH conflict dates, and Easter
  •    2 weekends for State HS B&C LG
  •    2 weekends for JH B,C & O.

The OMEA AE “season” should always conclude by the second Saturday in May.

The Saturday before January 20th will be used as a HS Solo & Ensemble Conflict date.

  1. Districts can only use JH conflict dates for JH events. Flexibility is already built in to HS events with the ability to change districts/regions. The conflict dates only exist because of spring breaks and Easter.
  1. District presidents are asked to plan ahead and start thinking 18 months in advance and have their District plans (sites and any plans to use conflict dates) in place by the winter meeting the year prior.
  1. Remember that JH Large group can combine with HS District Large Group, choose a conflict weekend, or stay where it is located. JH directors/groups also have the ability to participate out of District.
  1. Out of District/Region Deadlines
  •   1/1/15 – High School Orchestras change of region
  •   1/1/15 – High School Bands and Choirs change of district.
  •   3/1/15 – Middle School/Junior High change of district

Change of Region for High School bands and choirs is due the Monday immediately following their district performance

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