AE Updates with JD Latorre!

Change of District

All Out of District requests 2016 Large Group Events will need to be made through the portal. It will open in mid October. You will need to log onto the portal; choose Large Group from the online registration menu; and select the appropriate event.

Please complete one form for each ensemble that you are requesting to perform out of District. The deadline is January 1 for State Orchestra and High School Band and Choir and March 1 for Junior High.

You will receive an email confirming your request and then, within a few weeks, you will receive an email with your assignment. This assignment will automatically be sent to the appropriate event chair.

Once you have been assigned to an out-of district site, you will still need to register for that site like everyone else. Again, please make sure that you complete one form for each ensemble that you are registering.


2015 State Marching Band Finals

All directors are reminded that after you register for SMBF you have ten days to get your check to Jay Wardeska ($220). After that point your band will still be registered for SMBF, but Jay will not hold your time request.

Solo and Ensemble 2016

The new string solo list is now on the portal; there are MANY changes, so please check this out well in advance of Solo and Ensemble. Also, remember that guitar solos go statewide for HS S&E in 2016!

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