The Success of the Ohio Music Education Association Depends on YOU!

Membership in any organization requires a sense of responsibility to serve. It takes more than paying the dues, reading the publications or attending the conference. The truly engaged member will take an active role to meet the goals and mission of the organization.

There are three very important initiatives taking place at this time in OMEA. It is once again time to nominate the best and brightest music teachers, school administrators or local music support groups for the “Outstanding Awards”. Information and nomination forms for these, and other recognition awards sponsored by OMEA can be found under the “Activities” pull-down on the new OMEA Homepage.

OMEA logoPMS654tiny

This is also the time of year to recruit new leadership for OMEA. If you want to take an active role in shaping the future of OMEA consider serving as a district, regional or state leader. Nominations for district and regional offices go through your current district and regional leadership. State leadership positions are vetted through DaCapo.

Finally, OMEA is in the process of recruiting new members. If you have a colleague in your building or school district who teaches music, but is not an OMEA member please share with them the opportunities available to them as a member of your OMEA. More information about the OMEA membership campaign will be coming your way soon. It is time for YOU to become an active member of your OMEA.


Michael Crist, OMEA President Elect

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