Short Survey on SLO Sessions at the 2016 OMEA PDC

To help our clinicians prepare for SLO sessions at this year’s conference, would you please take a moment and complete this short survey on the topic by clicking HERE?

When planning your day at the PDC, be sure to look for the sessions marked “OT” or “CA” in the program book, including:
Using Learning Goals and Rubrics to Improve Student Instrumental Performance

– Eduspeak and the Music Room: Communicating with Administrators for the Vocabulary Challenged

– Addressing Assessment in the Music Classroom

– R.E.A.L. Assessment- Making a Difference in Your Class

– Assessing Growth in the Arts – the Ohio Arts Assessment Collaborative

– Keys to Quality Assessments for the Performance Ensemble

– SGM and Assessment Roundtable

– Sing, Play, and Move THEIR Way -A Joyful Route to Music Literacy and Mastering SLOs

Why not preside for one of these sessions while you’re at it? Click HERE for session presider sign-ups.

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