Adjudicated Events Update


Up-to-date information is a good thing!!

As we move into the start of the 2016 AE season, please take a few short minutes to verify that your contact information in member’s portal (email, address, and phone number) is correct.  This is true for EVERYONE!! event chairs, participating directors, and adjudicators

Large Group and Solo and Ensemble Event Chairs

As you begin planning for hosting many of your area’s finest musicians and ensembles, if you find you have questions, the AE Committee has answers! For inquiries about event operations, scheduling, the management software, or fiscal matters, contact me, or High School Affairs Chair Bill Thomas ( For questions specific to your panel of adjudicators (scheduling, planning, etc) please contact Bill Guegold (

Adjudicator Evaluation System

Hopefully everyone by this point is aware of the brand-new online mechanism for participating directors to submit detailed, meaningful feedback after performing at an OMEA event. After a limited beta test in the Spring of 2015, the system went full scale for this Fall’s marching band season with FANTASTIC results: a 1500% increase in the number of reports on adjudicators submitted compared to 2014.

The AE Committee encourages all directors to make use of the AES starting with Solo and Ensemble events in January. The system is VERY user friendly and provides the opportunity for directors to give specific feedback in a wide variety of areas, providing adjudicators actionable suggestions on how to improve their skill set as evaluators of our students!

Major kudos go to Rules and Procedures Chair Brian Stevens for all the hours he spent in design and development, as well as Technology Director Greg Taylor for the web-based implementation of the system.


Please remember that under no circumstances are late entries accepted if the registration deadline is missed for Solo and Ensemble or Large Group events. Also, the deadline for Large Group Change of District requests is rapidly approaching (January 1st). This is also the deadline for State Orchestra Change of Region requests. The Deadline for Junior High Change of District requests is March 1st. Remember to complete one online form FOR EACH ENSEMBLE you are sending.

JD Latorre

OMEA Adjudicated Events Chair


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