Interested in becoming an OMEA Adjudicator?

Do you have at least five years of teaching experience and a record of sending students to OMEA adjudicated festivals?

New adjudicators are needed in all areas.

Application/nomination forms are available on the OMEA Website.

  1. Visit the OMEA home page (, sign in through the member portal (link is on the ride side of the page), enter your membership number and password.
  1. Select “Adjudicated Events” and note the folder on the left side of the page titled “Prospective Adjudicators.” Open that link and you will see “Application Forms.” You can then download the “Adjudicator Nomination Form” to get started.

Applications to be considered at the January Conference meeting should be received by January 23, 2016 and by May 14, 2016 for consideration at the Spring AE Committee meeting.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Bill Guegold, OMEA Director of Adjudications at:



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