NAfME Submits Public Requests to Department of Education

Things are still in the infancy stage with the newly-passed Elementary and Secondary Education Act. This month’s article comes from NAfME, where they report on their continued advocacy by making requests on-line to the US Department of Education.

“The requests included examples of how music and arts can support Title I Targeted Assistance programs and how music education, in particular music performances and concerts, can be part of a school’s offerings for parental engagement.

In addition, NAfME requested the Department report on music educators who are asked to teach outside of music during the school day, and consider that states track access and participation levels for music and arts education as one of the new state-level accountability measures.”

I found it exciting that NAfME would choose a photo featuring current and former OMEA leaders to accompany the article. Included are current OMEA President Terry Herschman, President-Elect Michael Crist and former President (and current NAfME Past-President) Nancy Ditmer.


To read the entire article, click HERE.





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