“Where do all these adjudicators come from anyway?”

As part of the Director of Adjudications’ report at the 2016 Winter State Board meeting, the following charts were presented to show the demographics of the OMEA adjudicator pool. Click HERE for charts.

In chart 1 the data was derived from the OMEA Admin Portal databases. Data are sorted by district and show the number of adjudicators, total OMEA membership, and the % of adjudicators included in the district total. The figures do not distinguish between junior high and high school level adjudicators.


VO – Vocal                             PR – Percussion

ST – String                              BR – Brass

PI – Piano                               CH – Choral

WW – Woodwind                  BD – Band

OR – Orchestra                       HP – Harp

GU – Guitar

The second chart shows the utilization of adjudicators assigned for the four weekends of high school solo and ensemble festivals. Of special note is the number of adjudicators available Week 4 after assigning all of the needs of each site. There were no more string, piano and woodwind adjuicators available (and only one in the percussion area) in case of someone became sick or otherwise were unable to fullfil their assignment. We need more adjudicators in these areas!

And the third chart shows the number of events registered for this year’s high school solo and ensemble events. 17,608! That’s a lot of students!

If you have questions, feel free to contact Bill Guegold, Director of Adjudications at: adjudications_director@omea-ohio.org.

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