April showers bring….May Awards!

This is a reminder that my office is always ready to ship awards for marching band, high school and junior high solo and ensemble, and band, choral, and orchestra large group events at ANY TIME of the year. Being that it’s almost May, the month of awards banquets, concerts, and assemblies, this is a reminder that if you need something by a certain date, please get your order to me in plenty of time.

I am generally able to get awards processed and shipped the same day or within 24 hours; however, unforeseen delays can occur due to low inventory, incorrect payment, or not filling out the award order form completely and properly. Please make sure that checks are payable to OMEA (not your OMEA district, nor to me) and that the form is completely filled out. Make sure to include an e-mail address and phone number so you can be contacted if there is a problem with your order.

You can access the award order form HERE or from the members portal on the OMEA website. Remember that every award purchased and worn by a student is a statement for music advocacy. Have a great rest of the school year, and as always, please feel free to contact myself or any member of the OMEA staff if we can be of assistance!

Dane Newlove
Director of Adjudicated Event Materials and Awards

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