You! are the Future of OMEA

Take time to reflect on the activities of your life. How do you spend your time? More important, how do you invest your time? As teachers, most of us find that much of our lives are spent doing for others. This is a good thing! Now look at the efficiency of your time investments. As I reflect, I find that time spent working collaboratively with other on common goals tends to be time well spent.

The Ohio Music Education Association State Board recently released a very clear mission and goals statement and a strategic plan. These documents will help lead us into the future, and also aid in upcoming decisions on where we will invest our time and funds. I highly recommend all OMEA members become familiar with these documents.

After spending time familiarizing yourself with the OMEA goals and strategic plan the next step is to decide how you fit into the plans. Your membership in OMEA provides you the opportunity to take advantage of the many resources available through the organization, but more important your membership provides the opportunity for you to be involved in shaping the future of OMEA.

Shaping OMEA’s future takes action and engagement in the plans and activities of the Association. The best way to begin is by volunteering! Volunteerism is the backbone of OMEA. Start at the local level, host an AE event at your school, become a leader in your OMEA District or Region. Each year incumbent leaders are looking for the their future replacement. Step up and say yes when asked to serve. A leadership position at the district or region level will open the door to a position on the OMEA State Board, and a position on the State Board could open the door to a position on the OMEA Board of Trustees. You are needed, so please volunteer to serve.

Dr. Michael Crist, OMEA President-Elect

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