The “AE UPDATE” from JD Latorre

Lots of NEW news!!

As we begin the new school year, there are many new programs in the works for Adjudicated Events in Ohio! For this year’s Junior High Solo and Ensemble we will be piloting adding duets for winds, percussion, and vocalists in Districts 3, 9 and 10. OMEA members have been asking about this and the AE Committee is excited to try a targeted pilot program to explore the feasibility of implementing it state wide.

Also this year will we be adding a new Open Class to High School Solo and Ensemble. This is designed for a student who is preparing a classical work for a college audition that does not appear on the OMEA list. Similar to Festival Class at Large Group, the student will receive written comments from the adjudicator, but will NOT earn a rating.

Lastly there will be new fees in place for all Adjudicated Events this year, beginning with State Marching Band Finals this fall. This fee increase is part of the established two-year cycle (fees are increased every other year). However, this cycle will last three years, that is to say fees will not be raised again until fall of 2019.

HS Large Group: $210.00 (District), $240.00 (State LG and SMBF)

JH Large Group: $150.00

HS Solo & Ensemble: $18.00 (Solos), $23.00 (Ensembles)

JH Solo & Ensemble: $15.00 (Solos), $19.00 (Ensembles)

Look for more information about some of the new projects AE is working on this year in future OMEA blog posts!


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