Ohio Arts Council Grant Makes Special Focus Sessions Possible at 2017 OMEA PDC

With an amazingly generous grant from the Ohio Arts Council, the Ohio Music Education Association is excited to bring special focus sessions to the 2017 Professional Development conference to be held in Cleveland, Ohio, February 2-4, 2017. The three areas that will be covered in these sessions pertain to Urban, Rural, and Underserved populations.

Again, a big thank you to the Ohio Arts Council for making this possible!


Below is the tentative list of presenters with session names.

LeslieAnn Bird
– Orff In the Urban (or any) Classroom (Primary)
– Orff in the Urban (or any) Classroom (Intermediate)

Tom Bracy
– Using Music as a Vehicle to Enhance One’s Life

Joe Carver
– Small School, Big Program, No Problem: Recruitment and Retention in a Small, Rural District

Lois Clark-Ramey
– Beethoven to Beatbox: Building Thriving Orchestras in Urban Schools

Dawn Farmer
– What Does “Urban” Music Education Mean: Discussing the Discourse
– Inner-City Schools: Keys to Success

Kate Fizpatrick
– Getting to Know our Students: Building Upon Strengths in Urban and Under-Resourced Schools
– Setting Goals and Developing Your Own Definition of Success in Urban and Under-Resourced Settings
– Urban Music Education: A Counternarrative Based on Contextually Specific Teaching

Rachael Fleischaker
– The Only Constant is Change: Musings of an Urban Veteran Music Teacher
– Life, Music, and Social Justice for All

Timothy Fuchtman
– Making Music with Today’s Urban Students

John Hill
– Building Community through STEAM

Lisa Hirzel
– Something Out Of Nothing: How to be Successful in an Urban District

Margaret Martin
– Promoting Healthy Growth and Development in Children and Communities Through Music

Kevin Mixon
– Building Your Instrumental Music Program in Urban and Rural Schools

Felipe Morales-Torres
– Music Without Borders: Making Travel Meaningful and Accessible for Low-Income Families

Brian Nabors
– From Rural to Urban: Building and maintaining a Successful Choral Program

Jennifer Shauf
– The Ur-band Program, Building and Maintaining a Music Program in an Inner Ring Suburb. Our Kids Can!

Ryan D. Shaw
– Avoiding Urban Music Education Cuts: A Cautionary Tale

Julia Shaw
– Fostering Social Justice Through Music Education in Urban Communities and Beyond

Laura Stack
– Movement from a Muse: Building Blocks for Character and Creativity in the Underserved Classroom
– Mindful Management: Moving Beyond the Obstacles of the Underserved Classroom

Pamela Stover
– African-American Folk Songs and Games for Rural and Urban Students

James Vaughn
– Success in the Small School Vocal Music Program: One Approach to Achieving It

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