A Message from Roger Hall

Dear OMEA Members:

As we get closer to the opening of the 2017 OMEA Professional Development Conference, I ask for your support of the Ohio Foundation for Music Education.

This year, the OMEA PDC will feature expanded programming to be more inclusive of the needs of teachers in rural and urban settings. At your request, there is a greater diversity of performing ensembles featuring smaller schools, many performing in a new clinic-concert format. These clinic-concerts involve top-level clinicians from all areas of our profession working with these ensembles as demonstration groups, followed by a spotlight performance. As you might imagine, these expended opportunities come with additional costs.

Many of these additional costs are supported by your Foundation, the Ohio Foundation for Music Education. As we prepare to continue these increased offerings in the future, I ask for your support.

Please purchase a raffle ticket and a chance to win a cruise to Alaska! Additional prices include a complete conference package for the 2018 Conference in Columbus. Visit www.ohiofoundationformusiceducation.org to learn how you can win all of these great prizes!

Last of all, the raffle is open to the general public! Forward this information to your parents and ask them to support music education!


Roger A. Hall
Executive Director
The Ohio Foundation for Music Education

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