A Message from Tim Katz, Executive Director of the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education

Dear Education and Arts Education Stakeholder:

I know OAAE has already been in touch with you this week asking you to assist in advocacy for important changes to ODE’s Consolidated State Plan to Implement ESSA. I hope you’ve responded to yesterday’s Action Alert (Read the full Action Alert.).

I want to ask that you also take the survey that ODE has posted regarding the state plan. OAAE now has a Guide to help you, should you need it, to respond to the online public opinion survey ODE has on their website relevant to their draft Consolidated State Plan for ESSA. The OAAE Guide can be found HERE as a Word document to make for easy cutting and pasting. It will only take about 5-10 minutes to complete the survey using the guide, not including the time needed to add one’s own additional comments, which of course we encourage. The deadline for this is March 6th. Again, please feel free to use our GUIDE if you agree with its contents and it will be helpful to you.

You can access the survey HERE.

Thank you very much for your support of arts education in Ohio.

Tim Katz
Executive Director

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