Selected Readings from Jim Dowdy, OMEA Music Education Advocacy Chair

Music teachers have long recognized a relationship between performing music and language development.
Read this article about opera singer Reyna Gordon, who began asking questions such as “What happens in our brains when we listen to music?” and “What happens in my brain when I’m singing?”

One of the most significant things we music teachers teach is how to practice. I used to tell my middle school students to try using their levels of focus in other classrooms, with other curricula and pedagogy.

Lately I have heard of companies that send their executives to watch and sit in on symphony orchestra rehearsals for professional development.

In this article, Penelope Trunk walks you through the process her 11-year-old son undertook to prepare to audition at Julliard. She has founded four start-ups and recently became a full-time writer, focusing on giving career advice.

Penelope comes at the audition process from a non-musical perspective. Note that this article comes from a business journal.


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