Fall 2017 TRIAD Now Available!

OMEA is excited to announce that the first Triad of the 2017-2018 academic year is now available to download from the OMEA website HERE. It is so incredibly easy to access and immerse yourself in the information contained in the digital editions. You can read it directly from your web browser or download it for reading on any electronic device that has a PDF application. In theory, one could even download the PDF and print it out if a physical edition is still desired.

It is the goal of OMEA to publish an academic journal with features for all aspects of music education. Strategies, support, advice, news and editorial across all levels of education and encompassing almost every academic content area can be found in these pages. Highlights of the fall issue include:

– News of Executive Director, Roger Hall’s national award acknowledging his amazing work in Ohio bringing our professional organization to the forefront of MEA’s in the country.

– Editorial from David Hedgecoth concerning music education and the charter school system.

– “Mastering the Craft” articles in the areas of band (Angela Davoll), choral (Loren Veigel), Curriculum/Assessment (Alice Nelson), General Music (Terri Brown), Jazz (Mark Russo), Strings (Anna Ballmer), and Teacher Education (Heather Russell).

– Important news from the Adjudicated Events Committee including a major change to the orchestra AE required list.

– OMEA Professional Development Conference Graduate Research Session announcement and call for papers.

– Reports from the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education and the Ohio Choral Directors Association.

– College and University News from high education institutions around the state.

– And much more

Triad is available to EVERYONE. Encourage your colleagues, friends, administrators, Board of Education members, and more to take a look at the organization that you are involved in and that works to support music education across the state.

Remember, ANYONE can submit articles for publication. Submission guidelines can be found on the OMEA website. We are looking for knowledge, passion, strategy and opinion from many areas. Consider what you may have to contribute and submit today!

Eric West, Editor of Triad

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