The Winter TRIAD is Live!

Dear OMEA Members:

The 2017/2018 Winter issue of Triad is now available for your consumption. This is a very exciting issue with some great content in all areas. As is the tradition, the issue contains a great preview of our upcoming Professional Development Conference. There are also some great articles offering insight, strategy and advice in almost all of the areas that our profession entails. Here are some highlights:

A featured article from Heather Russell speaking about the need for exploring more than just technical musical ability for potential music educators.

Dr. Ryan Shaw offers strategies for teaching expression in band rehearsals.

Kent Vandock examines choral literature selection in Ohio.

Bobby Selvaggio provides insight into jazz curriculum using an improvisational driven process.

Dr. Lisa Wong spotlights Contemporary East-Asian Choral music

Paul John Stanbery describes the new golden era of orchestral music.

AE Chair, Stephanie Smith, announces the pertinent information for the upcoming Solo & Ensemble and Large Group seasons including new open class for high school S&E and duets for middle school S&E.

Higher Education news from several Ohio colleges and universities.

OAAE Executive Director, Tim Katz, on the developments for ESSA and how it will continue to affect our craft.

I challenge you to take some time out of your busy schedules and give Triad a read. It is accessible right HERE. If your device allows, you can read it right from your computer desktop. You also have the ability to download it as a PDF file and read it on a tablet or other mobile device. You can even print it if you desire. We are continuing to examine improvements for the means of delivering a meaningful professional journal. I hope that we can encourage you to be avid readers and help you feel comfortable in the ways that you can access and digest it.

Eric West
Editor of Triad

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